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PERSIAN CATTERY, CFA registered, PKD negative


 We are a small hobby Persian cattery from Sofia, Bulgaria - CFA registered with the name AVENTURINE. Our kittens grow in a friendly home environment surrounded by love and care. We are breeding pedigree cats only from the best lines in the world and from the breed Persian (pure Persians). In our cattery you can find kittens with CFA registration, international pet passport and microchip, PKD negative, suitable for showing and breeding as well as for beautiful and lovely pets. Our kittens are vaccinated and socialized and with learned sanitary habits.



We are proud to present you our new QGC (TICA) Aventurine cattery Keanu


e-mail:  sstanislav@start.bg

phone: +359 877 738 182

Skype:   rubirosecats

Mrs  Elka  Stanislavova

Sofia     Bulgaria

We ship worldwide

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